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You’ve got a question? You’re not the only one! See how we’ve answered some of the most common questions about copywriting!

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I’m new to the term. What does a copywriter even do?

From appealing to your consumers to reviving your brand, a good copywriter will be able to understand the goals of your business, refine your market and purpose, and communicate with your audience in a way that compels them to take whatever action you’re wanting them to take. 

Good copy doesn’t just appear. We use a mixture of scientific process, behavioral psychology, and artful crafting to produce the words that will transform the way your business performs…and we have lots of fun while we do it!  

What information will you need from me?

We invest a high percentage of our time in your project researching. Answering the questions of “who, what, why, when and how” can make all the difference. The more information and material you’re able to provide the better the end result will be…you will NEVER give us too much info. 

That being said, what we need will vary depending on your industry and project. But you can expect us to be asking for background info about your company/product/service and examples of your previous advertising and copy.

We’ll also ask for a comprehensive brand guide if you have had branding completed in regards to tone of voice and style of writing, any market research you have, customer reviews, onboarding questionnaires from clients etc – basically, everything you can think of which might be of use to us when planning and writing. We will ask you to complete an in-depth questionnaire prior to the start of our project that will cover a majority of what we will need from you. Your answers to these questions will provide most of the information we need to get started!

Do you offer any other creative services?

We are a Copy House for a reason! While we do not offer any services other than content and copywriting directly in Slade Copy House®, I do have amazing team members and colleagues I can refer you to. From lead generation to website design to merchandising and more. Need more than copywriting? Just let us know and we’ll hook you up!

What’s the difference between content writing and copywriting?

Ohhh, this is the all time question. While some may tell you nothing, well…they’re wrong. 

Copywriting is used to persuade and have your reader take a desired action. It’s what is used when we want to sell something or have someone do something very specific.  

Content writing is typically used to engage, educate, inspire, and inform your reader. You’re not trying to get them to do anything, you’re simply just connecting through words. 

We do offer content and copywriting services that you can browse here.

What if I don’t like my first draft of copy?

While we are pretty dang good at what we do, we’re not perfect. 

We aim to produce copy that is as close to what you’re seeking the very first time. And more often than not, with a minor tweak here and there, we crush it on the first round. But if we don’t, no worries at all! 

We’ll have you explain what you didn’t like, what you are desiring instead, and clarify what your goal is throughout the document provided. We have to have honest feedback to produce something you’ll obsess over. So we ask you to be honest and thorough when giving feedback. Our goal at Slade Copy House™ is to always have you leave happy and in love with your project.

You get two free rounds of revisions included with any service, but we will never let ya leave with something you hate. For a fee, if we haven’t nailed it on the first two rounds, we will continue revising as many times as needed until you’re happy.

And on the rare, off chance we just can’t seem to hit the mark, we will lovingly part ways and I will refer you to another talented writer that we trust.

What are your rates?

You can view all of our starting prices listed on our service page. However, nearly each service can be customized to your specific needs. The price will change depending upon your goals, needed deliverables, and length of time you desire to work with us! If you need a custom project, you can inquire here.


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