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DB Course Strategies, believes everyone deserves balance in their business because they know that directly translates to balance in their personal lives. They do this through carefully curated, strategized courses built to deliver results and highlight business owners unique expertise without sacrificing their brand or business expansion.

Deb, the CEO and founder of DB Course Strategies, was tired of not having the words to back up her incredible transformations. In her new brand and website project by Bethany Works®, she knew she wanted to invest in all parts that make it work- that included copy for her services and her courses. 

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DB Course Strategies was thrilled with their website copy and felt like it “was everything they were looking for.” Upon launching their new website, they reported having new members consistently signing up for their course, asking questions, and increased engagement via their platforms. Being at ease that her copy was direct, educational, and still true to their mission, Deb called her website “captivating, articulate, and one-of-a-kind.” She now has a website showcasing what they really do: teaching you how to build online courses that challenge the status quo.


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"I hired Haley and her team to help write the copy for my website. I have hired copywriters before, but what drew me to Haley was her knowledge of conversion copywriting. I'm very happy that I hired her because the copy she wrote for my site was exactly what I was wanted - it was compelling, friendly, and clear. Other copywriters spend too much energy trying 'pretty-up' the words or add personality, which distracts the reader. I was so happy with her work that I decided to hire her team to write my blogs and I am already thinking about other projects I can use her for in the future."

A note from Deb: 

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