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Founded on the principles of transparency, service, and education, Desi Tax Service® offers a suite of services tailored to the unique needs of business owners, individuals, and aspiring tax professionals. Desi Tax Services® knows we all have to do taxes, and they believe their clients deserve to have crystal clarity around tax time without the stress and uncertainty.

Desi Tax Services® is known for its professionalism in the tax industry, but their copy was feeling a bit too “buttoned up” for the small business owners and individuals they serve. They were deterring clients, not bringing them in. Their website didn’t feel approachable or easy to understand. We sought to change that through strategic SEO-optimized website copy. 

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Within the first 5 days of launching the website Desi received 5 new inquiries. She took her website copy across platforms to her email marketing and social media and gained an additional 20 inquiries leading to 25 new inquiries since launching. This is 20 more leads than she received in the last 6 months combined. Not only this, but the use of brand messaging on social media led to an increase in engagement and visibility. The brand is now aligned with their ideal client audience and Desi has noticed how much easier it is to communicate their results.


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"The financial investment is worth every single penny. My client list is growing every day. I was deterring my ideal clients from reaching out before. Not only was my website design hideous but my copy was even worse (if that's even humanly possible!) If I could have you write every single piece of copy in my entire life I would. That's how much I love the work you've done! I love love love it! I feel like I am on stage speaking confidently to a room full of my ideal clients who are ready to spend their money with me! The whole process was simple and seamless. I love that the turn-around time was reasonable, I love that your team was super helpful and amazing, I love that I was updated on when the project started, when updates were being made, etc... What I love the most was that I was working on this project during my busiest time of year and it did not add one bit of stress to my plate! When I provided feedback it was adjusted and over-delivered! Since my website launched, in less than 5 days of launching I've already had about 25 new inquiries between email, DM's, and submission forms. That's about 20 new inquiries more than I had in the last 6 months combined!! The copy was made for my website but I've also been using bits and pieces in my social media."

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