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Halsa Nutrition

Client: Halsa Nutrition

Halsa Nutrition is a brand that really grabbed my heart. Being family oriented and focused on making a real difference in their client’s lives, Halsa Nutrition promotes happy, sustainable eating practices without diets. 

Maria, the founder, blogged often but felt like her website lacked in showing just everything her business had to offer. Her goal is to help people eat freely without guilt or shame attached while also giving them yummy recipes to try at home. 

She wanted her new brand to showcase more about who she is and what she does and wanted to connect with her target audience on a deeper level. 

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Maria was blown away by her new website and felt that it perfectly connected her Swedish roots throughout. She was pleasantly surprised with the balance of additional copy showcasing her offerings while still balancing the heart of her business overall. Maria has been able to attract the clients she wants to serve and continues spending more time with her family because her copy now does most of the selling (ayyoooo).


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“Haley was amazing to work with! She took my thoughts and ideas about what I wanted on my new website and created the perfect text for each main page. She perfectly captured both who I was and what I was trying to say, making my new site feel very authentic to me. I highly recommend her.”

A note from Maria: 


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