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Keyla Designs is a creative hub specializing in designing joy-filled, irresistible visual identities for businesses ready to expand to brick-and-mortar stores. Keyla targets women-owned, product-based businesses that need a strong brand identity. 

The purpose of her business is to bring creative solutions to her client's problems and create visual brand identities that align with their business– so they can feel confident to attract and build trust with their consumers. 

Keyla wanted her consumers to learn about her expertise and services so they felt compelled to fill out an inquiry form. She also wanted to grow her community with like-minded, ideal consumers.

She was feeling “very stuck in her website-building process and tried writing engaging copy herself– but hated everything she wrote.” Her words “felt basic, flat, and uninspiring.” She wanted to feel confident and excited about sending leads to her website.

the need

Upon launching her new website, Keyla received over 20 new inquiries and 250 email subscribers in just two months.


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“I am beyond proud! The copy sounds exactly like the more eloquent part of me! It paints pictures of what I hope to convey to my customers. It feels engaging, easy to read, and magical, which is all that I had hoped for and more! With this new copy, I have a clear structure to follow when building my website. This helps me be intentional with both the building and designing processes because I now have a framework to work with. I love how spot-on you were at capturing my voice and my message. I felt truly heard during the process and I also love how easygoing the process was. I felt at ease and excited every time I had a message from you. I really loved the whole thing! Haley is a magician with words, I literally couldn't imagine writing anything close to what she managed to convey. I feel like she really took her time to listen and read what I shared and transformed it into the perfect copy!”

A note from Keyla: 

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