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Nourishing NY

Client: Nourishing NY

Nourishing NY is a private NYC practice that helps young men and women overcome disordered eating and eating disorders. They build individualized nutrition plans for each client and help them heal their relationship with food and their body. 

Nourishing NY needed a major revamp. Upon investing in previous web design and copywriting, they found the work wasn’t giving them any ROI…like at all. Their brand strategy was lacking and wasn’t connecting with their ideal audience.

After working together with web designer Chloe from Chloe Creative Studio (which I HIGHLY recommend,) we revamped their entire website to clear up their message & connect deeply with the reader they wanted to attract. 

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Nourishing NY was highly pleased with their new website. Chocked full of SEO and meaningful copy (and straight bangin’ web design) they now consistently book their ideal clients and change lives daily..and they have confidence their website is now producing results for them.



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