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For household brand names such as Dove, Lufthansa Airlines, and The Real Housewives. 

Crafting Words Rooted 
In Human Science 


Words have been my life since I learned to read! From reading blissful fiction novels to hefty marketing strategy books, I’ve devoured words from the beginning. With a B.S. in Psychology and nearly a decade of behavioral psychology experience, I’ve fused my love of humans and words into the art of copywriting. 

Determined to support brands who aim to positively impact others, I’m here to help you shatter industry norms and bring to light what makes a business exceptional…let’s unleash transformation at your next event, expert comment, podcast episode, or the like!

“Seriously” having fun while writing your serious and converting copy. 

Haley is the Founder of 2 powerful brands and the energetic, wholesome authority behind Slade Copy House, a digital copywriting agency known for a psychological & scientific  approach to marketing. Haley has climbed the ladder in her industry writing for brands such as The Real Housewives, Lufthansa Airlines, and Dove. She is also the host of Revive Her, a business podcast that catalyzes female entrepreneurs of faith from all backgrounds. 

Due to her signature method rooted in human science, she has had press features in known publications and broadcasts such as Business Insider, Huffpost, GoDaddy, & Fiverr.

Haley teaches methods including (but not limited to) A/B testing, psychology backed approaches to building brand loyalty, and copywriting techniques that turn words into clients– giving her a multi-six-figure business that continues to grow. 

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