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Revival Beauty Tools

Client: Revival Beauty Tools

Revival Beauty is rooted in faith and understanding of what it’s like to be a real woman with real struggles. They have created tools that don’t mask but magnify your God-given beauty. Revival Beauty’s mission is to empower you to feel beautiful, powerful, and revived every single day. Whether you're navigating the challenges of motherhood, running a business, or simply taking some much-needed 'me time,' their carefully curated and Noel-tested beauty tools are designed to make your makeup routine a transformative experience, not a tiring one. 

Noel needed a website that spoke her heart and mission of Revival Beauty. She didn’t want it to sound like every other beauty site, focusing only on the product.

She struggled with capturing the essence of her brand beyond the product itself. She knew that if she could illustrate this for her readers, her mission would capture their hearts and her brushes would “fly off the shelves.” 

the need

  • Had a $14,800+ launch
  • Sold over 400 beauty tools
  • Made back their ENTIRE investment


  • Got 1800 clicks on their website on launch day 
  •  Grew their email list by 300 subscribers

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“My website 😭😭😭 It’s perfect. I’m just reading it all and crying. I’m so shocked and impressed”

A note from Noel: 

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