Owner: Andy Hoffman

Rogue Finance

Client: Rogue Finance

Service: Sales page 

Andy is a financial visionary and mentor who educates people that there is a better, easier way to manage their money– utilizing behavioral psychology and automation. Andy's mission is to educate, inspire, and transform financial lives, making money work for you, not against you. He seeks to optimize their money in the background, making sure it’s going to all the right places and doing all the things. 

Andy needed to simply clarify his message. He felt his current sales page “didn’t clearly communicate the value of his course nor show why it’s so unique and can’t be found anywhere else.”

He had an “inability to communicate the problem and solution for his clients effectively.” He desired an increase in leads, more people in his program, and a better understanding by his consumers. 

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In Andy’s words: ‘I finally have a sales page I'm proud of that I can send people to knowing they'll understand my offer and be compelled to move forward. Without Haley, my course would not be cash flow positive, period. With her words, I have new clarity and ways to communicate my offer and how I can help that I didn't have before. It even translated into content creation beyond the sales page. Her work is powerful.’


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“I am loving it and feel seen and like I have the tools to better communicate what my clients need. The ROI is there and [the course] is a no-brainer especially if time is a concern. Shut up and pay Haley 🤣”

A note from Andy: 


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