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Sarah Dandashy

Client: Sarah Dandashy

A former award-winning Les Clefs d’Or concierge and phenomenal expert in ALL things travel, Sarah works with some of the top leading brands in the travel industry as a content creator and spokesperson. 

Also an active member of Les Clefs d’Or International, the prestigious organization of hotel concierge, Sarah continues impacting the world of hospitality directly. 

Which led to her writing a book, Hospitality From Within, to share her wealth of knowledge.

Sarah came to us ready to launch the book she had worked incredibly hard writing (and it’s a freaking masterpiece, go grab it.

She needed launch copy written so that she could launch Hospitality From Within with a BANG. But she didn’t feel her marketing message was where it needed to be and lacked full confidence her launch was ready.

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Sarah received launch copy that focused on her expertise in the hospitality industry, showcasing exactly why she has the authority to write this book and how this book will impact their ability to serve others better. After her book launch, Sarah had a 26.88% conversion rate and initially sold over 1,200 books! (did your jaw drop, too?!) 


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“I just finished working with Haley because I’ve launched a book and she helped me with my copywriting for the book launch and she blew me away. Not only was she very fast and efficient, she also explained her thought process and how she ended up breaking down why she was using what words and why we were positioning certain things. When it comes to copywriting, I highly recommend working with Haley. She’s amazing, not only that, she’s an incredible human being.”

A note from Sarah: 


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