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So Pam Socials is a social media management service that is rapidly growing as a social media agency. Pam, the founder, stepped into the scene ready to make moves, and boy, DID SHE. 

Pam needed a website and sales pages for her offerings as a social media manager. Pam was very adamant about showcasing her bubbly, witty personality in all that she does and refused to have boring, normal copy.

Pam’s goal was to market her services and make more money than she was currently making. 

the need

So Pam Socials received website and sales page copy true to their personable nature. Simple and bubbly. One week after launching their new website, Pam booked a high end fashion agency (a total dream client) as well as several other clients and more than doubled her income. Pam has stayed consistently booked out since launching her website and has been hiring new team members due to the influx of inquiries. 


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“Haley is by far the most talented copywriter I have worked with. She has done my website and landing page copy this past year and I am blown away by her talent. She captured my brand, and my personality perfectly. It's as if she can read my mind, and knows just how to articulate my thoughts, services, and values to my dream clients. When I invested in Haley's services I made back my investment in just a month and then some. Seriously, I cannot recommend Haley enough!”

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