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The Dog Intuitive

Client: The Dog Intuitive 

The Dog Intuitive believes that communication is the change needed in order to have a new beginning with your pet. The ways in which they sharpen that communication is through training approaches and aligned action through seeking clarity on a spiritual level with their pet readings. 

Amanda, the CEO and founder of The Dog Intuitive is a dog trainer and pet medium. She needed copy that not only related her spiritual and intuitive compoenents of her business - but did so in a way that wouldn’t be ‘witchy’ or turn away her clients. She needed a balance of relatable and relational to make the site convert. Skeptical at hiring a copywriter, she seen Haley’s work and decided if she was going to outsource, Haley had to be the one to do it. 

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Since working with Haley on her copy through her re-brand process, Amanda’s website visits have almost doubled compared to when she did her own copy. Not only this, but those visits converted with 92% more bookings for that same time period the previous year. In Amanda’s words, “[These] numbers are great but what Haley really did was create a something I feel proud to have and the services now sell themselves.”


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"I don’t know how Haley does it. I was super skeptical hiring a copywriter because I couldn’t understand how they would represent me if they ain’t me, ya know? I had fears that if I outsource that, then clients read my website, and the person they’re hiring isn’t aligning with the version on the website. Oh was I ever wrong! Haley created something so beautiful and the best part is: it sounds like me! As business owners we can sometimes have regrets after investing in our business, but I would hire Slade Copy House again in a heartbeat!"

A note from Amanda: 

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