How to Use Dubsado as a Copywriter: The Beginner’s Guide

As a copywriter, you should always have a couple of magic tools up your sleeve…

…and Dubsado is one of my favorite ones! 

Dubsado is a client management platform that makes it SUPER easy to: 

✓ Dazzle your new leads with your sales process 

✓ Make your clients feel like real VIPs during onboarding

✓ Efficiently collect testimonials & make past clients want to work with you again (and again!) 

…all while saving you a TON of time — we’re talking at least 5 hours weekly. 

Here’s my 5-step Dubsado tutorial for copywriters, from the moment your lead reaches out to offboarding! 

What Is Dubsado Used For? Copywriter’s Guide

1. Creating Lead Capture Forms

What happens when a new lead reaches out to inquire about your services? 

For the longest time, I had a contact form on my website that would send me an automatic email every time someone would fill it out. 

My lead would get a short notification that they can expect a response from me in 24 business hours…

…and that was pretty much it. 🤠

Was it functional? Sure. 

Did it make my new leads feel GREAT about reaching out to me? Nope. It just felt…average

With Dubsado, you can create custom lead capture forms to put on your website…

…and a personalized automated email to send to your lead right after they submit it, thanking them for reaching out (or even inviting them to book a call!). 

The moment after your lead submits your contact form is a VERY important one in your sales process. 

You want them to feel reassured in their decision to reach out to you — and a warm, upbeat email definitely gets the job done. 

2. Communication & Scheduling

If communicating with your leads and clients takes up a big chunk of your day, this one’s for you! 

Dubsado makes it really easy to keep all of your communication in ONE place, from emails to scheduling appointments. 

After someone fills out your lead capture form, Dubsado automatically creates a project folder with a project status for them where you can send emails and book calls using the Dubsado scheduler. 

The Dubsado scheduler automatically syncs with your calendar to block off the times when you’re not available. You can also create different types of appointments, from discovery calls to market research interviews. 
Business owners everywhere know that client communication is a big part of project management…

…and Dubsado makes it MUCH easier to stay on top of it. 

3. Sharing Irresistible Proposals

Confession: I used to make my proposals in Canva and it took me approximately five billion hours to do them…

…and they still didn’t look as good as I wanted them to 🙃

Your proposal is the culmination of your sales process and you want it to IMPRESS your leads. Like, literally, to blow them away. 

With just a few tricks you can learn on YouTube, Dubsado allows you to create gorgeous custom proposals that are 100% guaranteed to wow your leads — and make them want to work with you ASAP. 

4. Sending Contracts and Invoices

After your lead accepts your proposal — because why wouldn’t they?! — it’s time to make it OFFICIAL. 

You can use Dubsado to automatically send them their contract and invoice to book their spot on your calendar — no more using different platforms to put it all together piece by piece. 

For invoices, you can come up with different payment schedules, such as 50/50 or charging your clients on the first day of every month, depending on the type of package they’re booking.

This is also when Dubsado creates a client portal for your new client where they’ll have access to their contract, invoice, and any forms you’ll send them in the future all in one place. 

Yup, it’s fancy like that 💅

5. Collecting Testimonials 

Do you want your clients to keep coming back for more and more projects together? 

Then, in addition to the quality of your work, you also need to elevate your client experience. 

Let’s be honest — just sending your client a folder with their final copy and asking them to write you a testimonial feels…dry

Dubsado makes it easy to add a few special touches to your offboarding process while saving you time AND getting you killer testimonials. 

You can create a feedback or a testimonial form that asks your clients guiding questions that you can then use to craft a compelling testimonial to put on your portfolio, website, and social media. 

You can send the form to your client in an email along with a sweet offboarding surprise, such as a gift card or a receipt for a donation in their name to your favorite charity. 

How Much Is Dubsado? 

Dubsado has two types of subscriptions: a starter plan and a premier plan, and you can choose to be charged monthly or annually. 

The starter plan costs $200 per year or $20 per month and the premier plan is $400 per year or $40 per month. 

The starter plan might be all you need to get a good sense of Dubsado, but the premier plan comes with important features like: 

✓ Dubsado scheduler

✓ Automated workflows 

✓ Public proposals

✓ Multiple lead capture forms

✓ Zapier integration 

The bottom line is — 

Dubsado is an investment, but it saves you hours of time, helps you secure leads, and makes your clients happy…

…which, inevitably, results in more revenue! 

Dubsado for Copywriters: Final Thoughts

Dubsado is one of the best investments you can make as a copywriter. 

Building workflows in Dubsado can take some time, but it will transform your business management process. 

Instead of: 

❌Spending hours writing emails 

❌Using a million different platforms to create proposals, contracts, and invoices

❌Rushing through the process 

You’ll be able to: 

✓ Use canned email templates 

✓ Keep all documents and forms in one place 

✓ Impress your clients with a seamless experience

Ready to discover Dubsado? 

Click here for 20% OFF your first month or year! 👀

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