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You’ve taken a big leap and finally launched your own copywriting business. But now you’re wondering:  “Where the heck do I find copywriting clients?!”  If you’ve ever Googled “how to find clients for copywriting,” you’ve probably come across a ton of advice, and some of it ended up being prettyyyy confusing & contradictory. The truth […]

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As a creative entrepreneur or a small business owner, you want to squeeze as many complete tasks into your day as possible… …WITHOUT it draining your energy or leading you to burnout.  There are all kinds of “productivity hacks” floating around the Internet, telling you the same things you’ve heard over and over again:  “Delete […]

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Brand consistency can increase your revenue by up to 20%. Yet, brand copywriting is one of the most underrated types of copywriting, with 77% of brands pushing out off-brand content… …which means that prioritizing brand copywriting in your business can give you an edge over competitors.  The truth is, brand messaging is the foundation on […]

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Your ideal clients get bombarded with offers to buy multiple times a day. So, how do you make your program or course stand out?  Your message.  If you’ve ever read a sales page so good, it made you secretly wish it was yours, you’re already familiar with the power of good copywriting.  But how do […]

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Building a memorable brand from the ground up is hard work.  From designing your logo to figuring out your brand voice, there are so many decisions you have to make to define your brand and make it stand out from the crowd.  When starting a brand from scratch, many entrepreneurs and business owners immediately focus […]

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Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to showcase your expertise and convince potential customers to invest in your product or service.  But getting testimonials from clients is not always easy.  Have you ever agonized over a carefully worded testimonial request email only to get a generic response back (aka “everything was great!”)… […]

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Do you want to launch an online copywriting business?  It’s no secret that copywriting is booming.  Everyone, from huge brands like Nike and Apple to your local coffee shop, needs good copy to market their business, increase their sales, and stand out from competitors.  In fact, the demand for copywriters is predicted to grow by […]

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How do you break into copywriting? It starts with your very first client.  But the problem is, that first client is usually the hardest one to get.  (But it gets SO much easier after that — I promise!)  So, where ARE those potential clients hiding?  Here are the exact strategies I used to get copywriting […]

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Tracking and assessing your email marketing analytics is the best way to get to know your email list, figure out where your email marketing strategies do a fantastic job and where they fall short, and come up with a solid plan for the future.  As a copywriter, I often get asked about how to improve […]

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Building genuine, long-term relationships with your clients isn’t only fulfilling…  It also brings in repeat business and new referrals– two of the best ways to create sustainable revenue in your business.  In fact, almost 65% of a company’s business comes from repeat customers, according to SmallBizGenius.  If your customers fall in love with not only […]

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Your website is the HEART of your brand — so you want it to stand out from the crowd. If you’re launching a new business website and spending the wee hours obsessively Googling stuff like “things a good website should have,” “what am I forgetting to put on my website,” and “what should a website […]

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As a copywriter, you should always have a couple of magic tools up your sleeve… …and Dubsado is one of my favorite ones!  Dubsado is a client management platform that makes it SUPER easy to:  ✓ Dazzle your new leads with your sales process  ✓ Make your clients feel like real VIPs during onboarding ✓ […]

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Thinking about becoming a copywriter?  I don’t blame you.  Copywriting is a highly sought-after skill and the demand for copywriters is only going to continue to grow — by 7.6% by 2026, to be exact.  Plus, being a copywriters comes with world-class benefits such as:  ✓ Working remotely  ✓ Collaborating with diverse clients  ✓ Digging […]

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Copywriters are like a cult… Okay, that’s a bit dramatic…but we really want to teach you how to do your copy the most effective way possible. And first, it’s understanding that copywriting and content are not the same thing. They complement each other, sure…but they both serve two different purposes. Copywriting is used to move […]

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