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Copywriting is all about convincing your target audience to buy.  But, (un)surprisingly, the best way to grab your target audience’s attention *isn’t* to list the features of your service or product over and over again… …but to tell a good story.  Research shows that infusing your copy with storytelling can help you to:  So, what […]

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Your ideal clients get bombarded with offers to buy multiple times a day. So, how do you make your program or course stand out?  Your message.  If you’ve ever read a sales page so good, it made you secretly wish it was yours, you’re already familiar with the power of good copywriting.  But how do […]

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Contrary to popular belief, content writing and copywriting are VERY different beasts… …but they’re both key to running a successful business.  Copywriting is the art and science of strategically persuading your target audience with words to take action, whether it’s opting into a free email list or investing in a thousand dollar course.  Copy can […]

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Copywriting is one of the best investments you can make in your business.  From creating a strong emotional connection with your audience to establishing your brand as an undeniable authority… …words can pretty much do it all!  But for words to do their magic, it’s important to avoid common mistakes in copywriting — and sometimes […]

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Writing your website copy can feel like trying to put pieces of a GIANT puzzle together.  You want to share ALLLL the important info about your business — without it coming off messy or confusing.  If you’re finding yourself Googling things like “business website checklist,” “website copy best practices,” and “things to do before launching […]

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Here’s a plot twist —  You can have the smartest social media strategy out there… …but if your social media copywriting falls short, even the brightest ideas won’t bring you the content marketing results you want.  Social media copywriting is a WHOLEEE different animal when compared with more long-form copy like blog posts or sales […]

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You may have heard that copywriting is important for your business… …but WHY is that exactly?  The truth is, copywriting is way more than just putting words on a page — and copywriters are not just “good writers.”  When done well, copywriting can help you to:  ✓ Sell more of your product or service  ✓ […]

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You only have seven seconds to make a first impression… …and that includes your email marketing strategy!  You probably already know that you need to “nurture” your email subscribers to make them want to buy from you.  But did you know that the leads who are MOST likely to invest in your product or service […]

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Let’s be honest.  Your sales page is one of the most important puzzle pieces of your launch.  Whether you’re launching a new course or selling a product, your sales page is THE place where your audience makes the decision to buy…or not!  Copywriters everywhere want you to know that it’s a great idea to start […]

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Copywriters are like a cult… Okay, that’s a bit dramatic…but we really want to teach you how to do your copy the most effective way possible. And first, it’s understanding that copywriting and content are not the same thing. They complement each other, sure…but they both serve two different purposes. Copywriting is used to move […]

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First of all, what the heck is psychographics? It sounds smarter and scarier than it actually is. Psychographics is the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria. In layman’s terms, it’s the big “WHY” behind what makes consumers purchase something. Psychographics focus on thoughts and emotions that influence […]

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How to write compelling copy To have the most efficient online marketing, you cannot sleep on copywriting. Conversion copywriting involves getting people to take action…you’re writing in a way that moves them to the exact action you’re wanting them to take. If you think you can just Google “how to become a copywriter” or “how […]

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Part 1: The Holy Grail of Tips Gone are the days where you furiously search “how to start copywriting” to find the best information. I’ve got 20 juicy tips coming at ya… but before you get overwhelmed, I’ve broken it up into parts so you can easily digest them and come back to each section […]

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