How to Write a Good Tagline: 3 Brain Hacks

The happiest place on Earth. The ultimate driving machine. Finger lickin’ good. Just do it. 

These are just some examples of brand taglines that can claim responsibility for billions of dollars in revenue because of how they capture brand identity and make it stand out from the crowd. 

Taglines are just a few words long, but creating a business tagline that sticks & resonates is one of the most important things you can do to propel your business forward. 

But how do you write the perfect tagline that stands the test of time? 

In this article, I will: 

→ Unpack what makes a memorable tagline

→ Share inspiring examples for your late-night tagline brainstorm session

→ Give you my three psychologically-proven steps to creating an effective tagline

Let’s dive in 👇

What Is a Tagline? 

A tagline is a short phrase that captures the essence of a brand. It condenses brand mission, personality, and positioning into just a few catchy words that roll off your tongue. 

An effective tagline catches the attention of your potential customers & makes them want to become a part of your brand. It also helps you build awareness and solidifies your brand in the minds of your audience. 

What Is the Difference Between a Tagline and a Slogan? 

“Tagline” and “slogan” are often used interchangeably. However, they’re not the same thing. 

→ A tagline represents your entire brand while a slogan is typically specific to a product, service, or a marketing campaign. 

Here’s an example. 

“Just do it” is Nike’s famous tagline that was coined back in 1988. 

It has successfully branded the popular athletic wear company for decades, but over the years Nike has launched campaigns & products under different slogans, such as: 

  • Mom’s all that.
  • Run like a girl.
  • Run the day. Don’t let it run you. 
  • Life is a sport. Make it count. 
  • Yesterday you said tomorrow. 

Your brand’s tagline is more timeliness than a slogan and preserves the very core of your brand that’s going to stay true today, tomorrow, and five years from now. 

Benefits of a Great Tagline

A memorable tagline can skyrocket your business growth. It boosts your brand recognition, amplifies your competitive advantage, fosters brand loyalty, and motivates purchasing decisions. 

Humans are psychologically wired to respond to great taglines. They inspire us, make us dream of the things we like or want, and tell powerful stories in just a few words. 

In fact, 47% of people say that a company tagline is important for a purchasing decision. 

How to Write a Great Tagline 

If you’ve been Googling “how to make a good tagline,” you may be expecting to see a tested-and-true copywriting formula, but the truth is

→ There’s no magical formula to craft a compelling tagline. 

Successful taglines work because they’re unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all formula to uniqueness. 

That said, every great tagline combines these important elements: 

  • Simplicity. The best taglines are short, clear, and easy to understand. They’re packed with meaning, but you don’t have to spend time trying to figure them out.
  • Catchiness. Your tagline has to amplify your brand’s uniqueness, personality, and voice. Aim to write a phrase that your audience will keep thinking about.
  • Meaningfulness. A great tagline goes beyond the surface. It meaningfully encompasses everything that your brand is about in just a few words. 

Writing a great tagline is no easy task, but there’s a three-step process you can follow to create an effective tagline that’ll raise the bar for your business. 

3 Brain-Friendly Steps to Creating a Tagline for Your Business

1. Brainstorm

The very first thing to do when trying to write an effective tagline? 


There are probably so many words & feelings swirling around your head when it comes to your brand. 

You, better than anyone, know what your business is all about, but it can be so hard to put it into simple words that your audience will understand, too. 

→ Take some time to get all of your thoughts out on a sheet of paper (or, if you’re like me, an empty Google Doc). 

Write down your mission, brand values, a paragraph about your business — anything goes! The more information to work with, the better. 

2. Distill

Now that you got all of your thoughts out of your brain, it’s time to identify what really matters and zoom in on it. 

What lies at the heart of your brand? At the end of the day, what is it all about? How can you condense it further? 

It’s normal for this part of the process to take you a while. As you refine more and more, you’ll start seeing key pieces, emotions, and words become clearer and clearer. 

→ Eventually, you can start crafting your tagline and coming up with different options. 

Don’t try to make it perfect. Just let your creative juices flow! 

3. Let It Marinate

Once you have a few tagline options to choose from, it’s time to…


Your brain needs time to process the deep dive into your brand that you just took and organize all of the information to start thinking more clearly. 

So, close your laptop and go outside. Spend time with friends and family. Get a good night’s sleep. Do something that makes you happy. 

In the background of it all, your brain will be working to create an unforgettable tagline.

→ Give it a couple of days, and look at your notes & tagline options with a fresh mind. 

You may be surprised to notice that you’re seeing things much more clearly now, and finally decide on that perfect brand tagline. 

Examples of Powerful Taglines

Now, here are some of the best taglines ever created for an extra dose of inspiration: 

  • You’re in good hands. (Allstate)
  • Breakfast of champions. (Wheaties)
  • Betcha can’t eat just one. (Lay’s)
  • Save money. Live better. (Walmart)
  • Let’s go places (Toyota). 
  • I’m lovin’ it. (McDonald’s) 
  • Have it your way. (Burger King)
  • What’s in your wallet? (Capital One) 
  • Eat fresh. (Subway)
  • Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. (M&M)
  • Where work happens. (Slack)

Writing a Tagline: Final Thoughts

There’s no shortcut to how to come up with a tagline. 

It’s tempting to use modern tools like a tagline generator for convenience, but the truth is that what makes taglines unforgettable are the humanity and creativity that shine through them.

Wondering where to start with writing a great tagline? Take the storytelling quiz to discover your secret weapon in marketing & learn how to position your brand in a way that sticks. 

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