12 Reasons Why Copywriting Is Important for Your Business

You may have heard that copywriting is important for your business…

…but WHY is that exactly? 

The truth is, copywriting is way more than just putting words on a page — and copywriters are not just “good writers.” 

When done well, copywriting can help you to: 

✓ Sell more of your product or service 

✓ Help you rank higher on search results 

✓ Build a stronger connection with your audience 

…and so much more! 

But let’s start at the beginning.

What Is Copywriting?

To put it in simple terms, copywriting is the art and science of writing persuasive messaging — or “copy” — to connect with your audience and inspire them to take action. 

Copywriting is crucial in marketing because it’s what gets people to actually take action that brings your business revenue, whether it’s buying your product or hopping on a call with you to talk about your services. 

It’s an art and a science because copywriting is about more than just the art of writing — it also digs deep into the science of human psychology

Why Copywriting Is Important

To write good copy, you first have to understand how your audience thinks: their desires, struggles, objections, and fears. 

Then, you have to use these insights to craft a message that not only resonates with your audience

…but also motivates them to TAKE ACTION. 

So, here are 12 reasons why copywriting should be the top priority for any business — including yours.

1. Copywriting Sells

Buying is an emotional decision

People don’t buy products or services  — they buy transformations and experiences. 

Creating a valuable offer is the foundation, but to get your audience from “I should probably get this” to “I can’t go another day without it,” you need to show them what their future will be like AFTER they invest…

…and make them fall in love with it

How do you do that? 


It fuses a deep understanding of what your audience wants with irresistible words to tell a story that not only brings your leads all the way to the call to action button — but also makes them WANT to click on it. 

2. Copywriting Marries What You Want To Say + What Your Audience Wants To Hear

As an entrepreneur or a marketer, you probably spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about your product or service. 

Here’s the twist — 

Having a detailed understanding of what you’re selling can actually make it REALLY hard to explain what your offer is and how it helps your audience in a clear and compelling way. 

Copywriting digs deep into how your audience thinks to bring together what YOU want to say about your offer…

…with what THEY want to know about it. 

3. It Makes You Think

Whether it’s in the form of website copywriting or a long-form sales page, good copywriting cuts through the noise and helps you discover new perspectives. 

Think about it. 

You get bombarded with a myriad of different messages every day, from billboard ads on your drive to get coffee to that email newsletter you keep meaning to unsubscribe from. 

People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and everyone has gotten better at just…tuning things out. 

Good copywriting breaks through to your audience with unexpected angles that stick — and make your business stand out. 

4. SEO Copywriting Helps Your Audience Find You

If no one can find your business, you have a problem — but SEO copywriting can help with that. 

What is SEO copywriting, and why is it important? 

SEO — or search engine optimization — is the practice of using specific keywords to boost your rankings in search engines so more people can discover your business. 

Copywriters create all kinds of SEO copy and SEO content, from web copy to blog posts, bringing together technology to identify the right long tail keywords, content marketing strategies, and a healthy dose of word magic to make your business come up higher on search queries. 

Skilled copywriters always stay up to date on SEO best practices and are experienced in keyword research.

5. Bad Copywriting Hurts Your Business

If you’re wondering why copywriting is important in an advertisement, why web copywriting is important, or why ANY kind of copywriting should be a priority in your business…

…just look at this Mr. Clean ad from 2011. 

This Mother's Day, get back to the job that really matters.

When you don’t pay enough attention to your copy, it can turn out…well, not great. 

Not only does this ad take away from the celebration of the holiday — who the heck wants to be cleaning on Mother’s Day?! — but it also reinforces outdated gender roles in a pretty belittling way. 

Unsurprisingly, this ad received massive backlash. 

Here’s another example of bad copy, and while it’s not offensive, it’s just confusing. 

It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck. Do better. CTA buttons: I agree. I disagree.

Did you just have to make your brain work really hard to understand what is being said? 

Same. Which means it’s a pretty bad piece of copy. 

The bottom line is that every business uses copywriting, whether it’s on your website or to create an ad. 

Make sure that what you’re putting out there is growing your business — instead of tearing it down.

6. Copywriting Forms an Emotional Connection With Your Audience

Copywriting not only grows your business — it also grows your brand

Creating a consistent brand messaging & voice framework with copy that reflects your values and personality makes your business stand out from your competitors and stay top of mind for your audience — because no one else is like you. 

Authentic connection always wins, and copywriting helps you make it happen. 

7. Copywriting Builds a Unique Brand Voice and Personality

Successfully selling your product or service is all about building relationships and fostering emotional connections with your target audience.

How do you do that?

By creating a unique brand identity, voice, and personality that build a personal connection with your potential customers and grab attention in a crowded market.

Whether you do social media marketing or run digital marketing campaigns, you need copywriting to create a memorable voice for your business.

Start with identifying your brand’s identity.

Is it sophisticated, charismatic, and high-end?

Dynamic, futuristic, and innovative?

Or maybe it’s playful, edgy, and bold?

Good copywriting is always specific. So, figure out what kind of voice and personality you want your brand to be known for and use it across all your marketing materials from landing pages to email marketing.

If you don’t know how to create a unique brand voice for your marketing copywriting, working with a professional copywriter is an amazing way to solidify your brand voice and start creating persuasive content!

8. Copywriting Increases Brand Awareness

Copywriting is a powerful tool to boost brand awareness, captivate your target market, and drive recognition.

It grabs attention, engages emotions, and leaves a lasting impression, making it more likely for consumers to remember your small business.

In fact, 55% of small businesses have said that quality copy and content made them more successful.

Copywriting not only improves your brand’s image…

…but it also increases brand loyalty from your customers.

It creates deeper connections with your consumers using persuasive messaging tailored to their needs and desires.

Consistent and authentic communication across different touchpoints of the customer journey, from your landing page to social media posts, reinforces your brand identity and values.

This helps you build more trust with your audience. Research shows that 51% of marketers use copywriting to improve brand engagement and loyalty.

9. Copywriting Helps Differentiate Your Business From Its Competitors

Copywriting is the art of helping your business stand out from your competitors by clearly articulating your unique value proposition and brand identity in a compelling and memorable way.

In other words, copywriting highlights the distinct features, benefits, valuable information, and qualities that set your business apart.

As a business owner, it’s extremely important to establish a distinct tone and voice that resonates with your audience throughout the marketing funnel and prompts them to take the desired action.

Good copywriting backed by human psychology? Well, it helps you do just that!

10. You Can Use the Same Copy Across Multiple Marketing Platforms

Copywriting makes your marketing efforts So. Much. Easier. You can easily repurpose your copy across multiple marketing platforms to reach more segments of your audience and maximize your conversion rates.

For example, you can work with a freelance copywriter to craft your landing page copy and then repurpose that messaging for your content marketing channels.

You could use the copy across your social media platforms or turn it into an informative blog post.

If you don’t have copywriting skills…

…you can hire a freelance or an in-house copywriter to write good copy for you once and then repurpose it for advertising, email copy, and more!

11. Copywriting Is Important for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Simply put, copywriting is important because it turns your curious leads into loyal buyers.

Copywriting has one main objective: to build an emotional connection with your audience and convince them to take the step you want them to take, whether it’s joining your program, buying your product, or subscribing to your email newsletter.

Good copywriting 🤝 high conversion rates.

12. Copywriting Increases Return on Investment (ROI)

Ultimately, every business owner’s goal is to make money.

Copywriting is important for your business because it maximizes your marketing efforts, drives revenue growth, and helps you make back your investment 2x, 3x, or even more!

For example, our recent client had a $14,800+ beauty product launch, making back way over their entire investment and selling 400+ beauty tools.

So, How Do You Write Good Copy?

Copywriting brings together a deep understanding of behavioral psychology, savvy research skills, clever marketing strategies, and, yes, being a good writer. 

In other words, it’s not something that you can just learn to do in a day — becoming a good copywriter takes years of practice and consistent work. 

This is why hiring a professional copywriter is one of the best investments you can make in your business if you want to stand out with consistent and powerful messaging across different channels. 

From email funnels to website copy, Slade Copy House writes for businesses that are ready to take it to the next level — check out our services! 

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