Copywriting for Coaches: 5 Tips for More Clients

Your ideal clients get bombarded with offers to buy multiple times a day. So, how do you make your program or course stand out? 

Your message. 

If you’ve ever read a sales page so good, it made you secretly wish it was yours, you’re already familiar with the power of good copywriting. 

But how do you write like that? 

Whether you need copy for a sales page for your newest offer, to update your website, or to bring more leads into your funnel with clever ads…

…here are 5 copywriting tips to convince your audience that you are THE coach for them. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Copywriting for Coaches

1. Avoid Sleazy Tactics

You may have been told that you need to make your leads feel that they MUST buy your product or service — or their lives will go up in flames. 

Maybe somewhere deep down you thought that these tactics sounded pretty scammy…

…but so many people in the industry do it, so you figured that you needed to use them too. 

The truth is, inauthentic urgency tactics can make you sales, but they won’t bring in repeat customers or build a strong brand reputation. 

Ultimately, they will do way more damage than good. 

So, how do you convince your dream clients to invest in your product or service in an authentic way? 

Here are some examples of popular sleazy sales tactics — and what you can do instead. 

Claiming That Your Offer Is Available at a Special Rate for a Limited Time Only…

…when, in reality, it’s always available at that rate. 


Instead, either offer a genuine limited time deal OR highlight all the value included in your offer and the reasons why your leads should get it as soon as possible. 

Being Pushy…

…to the point of being aggressive or disrespectful. 

Telling your target audience that they “need” “must,” or “have” to buy your offer to solve their problem and there’s no other solution available is disempowering — not to mention quite unsavory

Instead, empower your leads to make their own decision, while highlighting all the reasons why your product or service is the best solution for them. 

Inflating the Cost to Encourage Quick Action…

…aka, “the real value of this is $1,000,000 but you can get it for just $10 today!” 

Instead, just tell the truth! It’s much more powerful than a lie. 

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2. Find Your Distinct Brand Messaging Style

Whether you’re a business coach or a life coach, the coaching industry has a tendency to use popular buzzwords over and over again. 

If you see words like “elevate,” “uplevel,” or “scale” on your social media feed daily, you’re not alone. 

This is why it’s so important to find your unique brand messaging & voice and say things differently.

You don’t need to reinvent language or create new words…

…but you DO need to find a distinct way of delivering your message. 

So, take some time to craft your message and figure out what sets you apart from other coaches in the industry. 

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3. Establish Your Authority 

It’s no secret that the coaching industry is quite saturated — and not everyone actually has the experience to back their claims up. 

When you write copy, make sure to emphasize social proof, qualifications, and coaching client results throughout your website, sales page, and content marketing materials. 

A proof bar with qualifications, client logos, or “featured in” right under the opening section of your website or sales page is a great way to establish credibility and expertise right away. 

That said, qualifications are often secondary to experiences and results from working with clients and business owners. 

Which brings us to the next point…

4. Craft Story-Driven Copy

Did you know that humans are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it is a part of a story? 

(I didn’t come up with this — a cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner did.

Storytelling triggers your emotions and makes facts more memorable. 

This means that your call to action to buy your course or program or check out your sales page is going to be MUCH more successful if you pair it up with a genuine, interesting story. 

The trick here is, your story needs to be relevant to what your target audience is going through and tie in nicely with your offer. 

Your leads need to see their own REFLECTION in your creative copy. 

So, whether you’re drafting up new sales emails or revamping your about page, focus on finding a way to tell your story in a relatable way. 

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5. Outsource 

Sometimes writing good copy is easier said than done. 

Crafting a unique message, creating outlines, finding the right words…

…it takes a lot of effort, and, most importantly, TIME. 

Hiring a copywriter for coaches and creatives is a great way to make sure you have professional, high-converting copy for your website or next launch – with minimal effort. 

Interested in outsourcing your copy to a copywriter? 

Slade Copy House specializes in psychology-transfused copywriting services for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and brands. 

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