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Bethany Works

Client: Bethany Works

Bethany Works is a strategic brand and website design agency specializing in psychology-backed design. They are also the brand agency responsible for Slade Copy House and our many partnerships projects including mutual clients The Dog Intuitive and DB Course Strategies

Bethany needed copy for her new offer, and this quickly snowballed into a need for a copy refresh throughout her site. She wanted her copy to not only convert, but stand out for it’s thought leadership and unique perspective on brand design as a tool for building momentum in business. 

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Bethany saw immediate action taken from the copy work including DMs from those reading the social captions Haley wrote and a direct increase in client inquiries following the website refresh of copy. Not only this, but the copy is brought up in many conversations as a key reason for clients interviewing multiple agencies to move forward with Bethany and her agency. 


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"There are times as a business owner when you know you need to outsource- whether that is a lack of inspiration or it’s not in your zone of genius. I was hitting both of these when it comes to my website copy, specifically any sales page I was building. The process of working with Haley was seamless, easy, and gave me so much time back! Not only this, but the accompanying social captions to helped make the launch easy breezy. I loved working with her so much that I asked to bring her in as a strategic partner for my own brand and website design clients. We have now been working together for over a year in this capacity. She delivers on time, world-class work that is SEO optimized EVERY TIME. It makes my life as a website designer so much easier and means the designs I create will be EFFECTIVE because they are backed with with converting copy and SEO. I can’t say enough good things about Slade Copy House and working with Haley."

A note from Bethany: 

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