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Sarah came to us ready to launch the book she had worked incredibly hard writing (and it’s a freaking masterpiece, go grab it.) 

She needed launch copy written so that she could launch Hospitality From Within with a BANG. But she didn’t feel her marketing message was where it needed to be and lacked full confidence her launch was ready.

Service: Launch Copy 

Client: Sarah Dandashy

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Nourishing NY needed a major revamp. Upon investing in previous web design and copywriting, they found the work wasn’t giving them any ROI…like at all. Their brand strategy was lacking and wasn’t connecting with their ideal audience. After working together with web designer Chloe from Chloe Creative Studio (which I HIGHLY recommend,) we revamped their entire website to clear up their message & connect deeply with the reader they wanted to attract. 

Service: Website copy

Client: Nourishing NY

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Maria, the founder, blogged often but felt like her website lacked in showing just everything her business had to offer. 

Her goal is to help people eat freely without guilt or shame attached while also giving them yummy recipes to try at home. She wanted her new brand to showcase more about who she is and what she does and wanted to connect with her target audience on a deeper level. 

Service: Website Copy

Client: Halsa Nutrition

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Allison felt like her current brand and website didn’t align with who she was or what she believed. Being a woman who has been through everything she helps her coaching clients overcome, she wanted to lay her heart and passion out on the table. 

Allison wanted a website that would meet women exactly where they are and spark passion for change…and served with a big heaping dose of self love. 

Service: Brand Messaging 

Client: Live Real Fit

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Cambria needed a website to showcase everything she has to offer hurting women. Cambria admittedly struggles with words and effective copywriting was something she felt she could not do on her own. 

Cambria wanted a website that meets women where they are at, will show hope and promise, and lead them to making the next move for CHANGE. She also needed launch copy for her books. Simply put, Cambria wanted to reach women who needed to be reached with the most hands off approach possible. 

Service: Website Copy

Client: Infinite Love & Change

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Deb, the CEO and founder of DB Course Strategies, was tired of not having the words to back up her incredible transformations. In her new brand and website project by Bethany Works®, she knew she wanted to invest in all parts that make it work- that included copy for her services and her courses. 

Service: Website copy

Client: DB Course Strategies

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Amanda, the CEO and founder of The Dog Intuitive is a dog trainer and pet medium. She needed copy that not only related her spiritual and intuitive compoenents of her business - but did so in a way that wouldn’t be ‘witchy’ or turn away her clients. She needed a balance of relatable and relational to make the site convert. Skeptical at hiring a copywriter, she seen Haley’s work and decided if she was going to outsource, Haley had to be the one to do it. 

Service: website copy

Client: The Dog Intuitive

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Bethany needed copy for her new offer, and this quickly snowballed into a need for a copy refresh throughout her site. She wanted her copy to not only convert, but stand out for it’s thought leadership and unique perspective on brand design as a tool for building momentum in business. 

Service: sales page copy + website refresh


Client: Bethany Works

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